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5 Tips to Ensure Your Private Yacht Charter is Your Dream Come True

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The freedom and privacy synonymous with a luxury yacht charter provide a happy and safe holiday for you and your family. The bespoke vacation tailors everything, including your itinerary and menu, according to your needs to maximize enjoyment. Below is a list of top tips for individuals new to chartering.

Choose the Right Yacht

If you’ve never chartered a luxury yacht, you may be wondering how do I charter a yacht. Selecting the right luxury yacht is a recipe for a perfect charter. Contact a reliable charter expert from a reputable company to know the best choice of vessels that matches your comfort and budget needs. You should notify the charter expert of your preferred holiday destination, duration, dates, budget, and the number of cabins you need for the private yacht. There are different yachts that suit all your budgets and desires, including accommodation requirements for couples. Most crewed vessels allow 12 guests onboard, while some mega yachts have additional space for a nurse, nanny, personal assistant, and trainer.

Pack Wisely

The key to packing for the charter vacation is choosing flexible clothes for multiple occasions. Remember that winds are cool when you’re out on the water, even in the summer, so warm jackets should be on your packing list. Consider the climate of the preferred charter destination and pack clothes that suit the weather in the area. Some onshore restaurants expect their guests to follow formal apparel and footwear, while others expect clients to follow a smart casual dress code. Most luxury yacht charters, including Canvas yacht charters, request guests to observe a bare feet protocol while onboard the yacht and boat shoes while on deck, necessitating the need for tidy shoes.

A Personalized Yacht Charter

A personalized charter suits your needs and those of your family. The preference form before the charter allows the onboard crew to cover your choice of champagne and dietary requirements and plan your itinerary depending on the places you wish to explore and your preferred activities. The Captain designs your personalized itinerary while your chef creates a customized menu. Ensure you provide detailed information regarding your likes and dislikes to have a memorable experience.

Enjoy Your Crew

The crew consists of dedicated professionals who are reserved and almost invisible. The ratio of team to guests in your luxury yacht charter is usually higher than on any hotel and cruise ship. The crew is always ready to cater to your needs day or night to facilitate a five-star experience at all times. They are also unobtrusive and discreet, making a luxury yacht charter a truly private holiday. Your crew has tons of knowledge and information, and you may be surprised to learn about their achievements and personal interests. Most have degrees in environmental engineering and marine biology, while others are masseuses, florists, or musicians and can comfortably share their knowledge and skills.

Utilize the Boat Amenities

Luxury yacht crews introduce the onboard toys to clients allowing them to enjoy their vacation to the fullest. The knowledgeable team can assist you in learning jet skiing and standup paddleboarding skills. You can also relax in a Jacuzzi for one hour or two while enjoying your favorite cocktail. Use your luxury yacht’s multimedia system to enjoy the latest music and movies with enhanced resolution.

Expedition yachts are popular among most clients as they can venture into faraway places. You can charter a luxurious expedition yacht when exploring atolls in the pacific or venturing up a jungle river to make your dream come true.

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