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Average salary for a senior finance manager at Amazon

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Amazon Associate Salary

Amazon associate salary is relatively high, according to past job advertisements and Indeed users. This is likely due to a number of factors, including Amazon’s stock value increase and the number of fire drills that take place every day. On the other hand, the salary is relatively low, in part due to insufficient headcount, duplication, and lack of collaboration.

Average salary for a senior finance manager at Amazon

Amazon offers a variety of compensation options for its employees. The average salary for a senior finance manager at Amazon varies from Rs 3,86,329 per month to Rs 3,98,904 per month. The salary for this role depends on the employee’s experience and the annual compensation target.

The salary range for directors of finance at Amazon is $171,944 to $186,132. The salary for an Amazon Director of Finance is more than $30k higher than that of an Accounting Manager, and Directors of Finance typically receive equity that can be worth up to $50k.

Senior Finance Manager salaries vary greatly depending on location. San Francisco, CA is the highest paying city, followed by Green River, WY and Atkinson, NE. Both cities beat the national average by more than $16,700. The average salary for Senior Finance Managers in these cities ranges from $93,500 (25th percentile) to $144,500 (75th percentile). The salary range for a Senior Finance Manager can be as much as $51,000 above or below the national average, and may vary depending on experience and location.

Cities with highest salaries for a senior finance manager at Amazon

The average salary for a senior finance manager at Amazon is $194,726 per year, which is higher than the $159,451 median salary for accounting managers. This is nearly a third higher than the average salary of an Operations manager. The company also gives equity to its employees of up to $50k.

Amazon is a high-growth company with a reputation for first-rate talent. Indeed, nearly 1,000 employees have written Glassdoor reviews praising their co-workers, and the Seattle finance manager said Amazon’s employees were “the best of the best.” Of course, working with such competitive employees can have its advantages and disadvantages. Amazon’s aggressive hiring process can make it difficult for some candidates to stand out, but it can also be part of the company’s culture.

In terms of location, there are plenty of reasons to relocate to an Amazon office. The company’s headquarters are in Seattle, Washington, and Arlington, Virginia. Both have plenty of amenities, such as a thriving tech scene. Amazon is currently sizing locations in the United States, and cities with easy access to mass transit and airports are the most likely to be chosen for its second US headquarters. The company is also looking for a highly educated labor pool with a diverse population.

Salaries at Amazon vary depending on location and organizational function. For example, employees in Sunnyvale, CA earn an average salary of $74,175. In Seattle, WA, employees earn a median salary of $72,272.

Cities with lowest salaries for a senior finance manager at Amazon

The cities with lowest salaries for a senior finance manager with Amazon can be an advantage when looking to relocate to the tech giant. While Chicago is the largest city on the list, Naperville is close behind. Both Chicago and Naperville beat the state average by more than 30%, so moving to one of these cities could mean economic advancement.

Amazon is known for its top talent, and employees have been very vocal about their appreciation of colleagues on Glassdoor. In one review, a finance manager in Seattle described his co-workers as “the cream of the crop.” The downside to working with such competitive employees is that they may be prone to overly competitive attitudes. But these attitudes are often part of the company’s DNA.

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