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Awkward Tuesday Phone Call Brooke And Jeffrey

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Relationship Coaches Discuss the Awkward Tuesday Phone Call

You are not alone if you’ve experienced the awkward Tuesday phone call, especially if you are in a new relationship. The situation can be embarrassing and confusing, and you can’t make up your mind about how to handle it. Relationship coaches Brooke and Jeffrey are here to help.

Parody songs

If you’ve been listening to the Awkward Tuesday Phone Call podcast, you’ve probably noticed that Brooke and Jeffrey are a real duo, which is why they’re so great at parodying songs. Not only do they perform a range of pop culture references, but they also bring high-energy to your mornings. Check out their various segments, such as Awkward Tuesday Phone Calls, Shock Collar Question of the Day, and Young Jeffrey’s Song of the Week.

Pop culture conversation

Brooke & Jeffrey are known for their high-energy pop culture conversations, phonetaps, and other hilarious segments. Whether it’s The Awkward Tuesday Phone Call or Second Date or Ditch, Brooke & Jeffrey has you covered.

Chase and Brooke are not exactly close, but they do seem to be dating. Chase is sued by ChristSong, and Brooke tries to make amends by telling him that she is dating someone else. Meanwhile, Pat and Streeter start a relationship.

Parental intervention

The conversation begins when the couple are about six weeks away from getting married. The fiance is worried that his parents may show up at their wedding. They are not thrilled about the prospect of having in-laws at their wedding, but they still need to talk to this person.

Having in-laws come over too much

Brooke and Jeffrey are two relationship coaches. It was only six weeks before their wedding, so they are a bit concerned. The two have a new boyfriend, Aaron, and they are doing a good job of lifting the spirits in town. However, they are also in a bit of an awkward situation when their in-laws decide to come over too often.

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