Monday, November 28, 2022

Experts Have Mixed Feelings on Fall Travel Season

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It seems nothing can stop people from traveling this summer, but the fall is a different story.

New research from host agency Travel Experts is shedding light on how people are feeling about travel after this summer’s surge.

“While some expect the summer highs to carry over into the fall, there are now concerns that price increases, the volatile economy and lack of availability may put a damper on some level of bookings,” said Sharon Fake, Executive Director for Travel Experts.

While the mainstream market may slow, the luxury travel market is expected to continue at pace, however availability could be a hurdle, said Fake.

“Many of the advisors are telling their clients to book early in order to get what they want despite the current trend to book last minute,” she said.

Holly Lombardo of Lombardo Travel in Atlanta said that she expects travelers to continue to plan trips last-minute.

“The horses have been let out of the barn and 2022 will be a record year. There continues to be a lot of last-minute bookings for summer. A good number of clients are booking with four to six weeks’ notice and I expect the same for the fall travel season,” said Lombardo.

Suzanne Terry of Blue Sky Excursions in Boca Raton, Florida, noted that the lifting of testing requirements for the U.S. will boost fall travel.

“I am just starting to get new business for the fall,” said Terry. “I think that lifting the incoming Covid testing will have an impact on my clients wanting to travel internationally. And while I think the rise in prices will impact some travelers, I am not seeing that with luxury clients.”

Emily Webber of We Travel Luxe in Nashville agreed pointing out that older travelers will be ready to go to Europe when the kids go back to school.

“Once the kids go back to school, parents are involved with sports and busy life,” said Webber. “I usually don’t see as much travel in the fall season. However, when the kids go back to school the 60+ demographic will be ready to go to Europe during the slower time in the fall.”

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