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Features of an International Jet

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Flexibility is critical in business aviation, allowing people to travel to remote locations. For example, International Jet uses aircraft to meet the needs of its international employees. The company operates six planes out of a general aviation facility outside New York City and owns shares in the fleet through a fractional ownership program.

Full-service kitchen

Despite the revolving air and confined space, an international jet cabin can be equipped with a full-service kitchen. The chef can prepare fine foods and provide beverages for passengers and crew. Smaller cabins will have less space for catering and will be able to offer only limited options. Airlines should consider the size of their aircraft and the food they need.

The Emirates Flight Kitchen is the largest aviation catering facility in the world, preparing over 225,000 meals per day and more than 110 million meals annually. Emirates employs over 1,800 chefs worldwide and develops over 1,300 menus each month to serve its passengers from various parts of the world.

Many of these private planes are fully furnished with all the comforts of home, including freezers and espresso machines. Private jets offer more comfort than commercial jets; some have a full-service kitchen. Guests may request exceptional food or even bring their chef.

Airbus A380

The Airbus A380 is one of the world’s largest passenger jets, with over nine thousand miles in range. The first A380 flew in January 2005, and the company had initially hoped to deliver the aircraft to Singapore Airlines by the end of 2006. After the first test flight, however, Airbus announced additional delays. It expects to have the first A380 to Singapore Airlines by October 2007.

The A380 is built around the needs of its passengers. Its cabin has a twin-aisle design, which gives each passenger more room. In addition, the flight crew operates the jet with a state-of-the-art glass cockpit.

Additionally, the aircraft’s fly-by-wire system makes navigating the plane easier.

Boeing 747

The Boeing 747 is one of the largest commercial jetliners ever built. Its size and impact have made it popular for commercial airlines to adopt it as their fleet replacement. More than a quarter of the airlines’ fleet operates Boeing 747 aircraft. The 747 is also one of the most famous aircraft on short-haul routes. But the 747-8 is the newest version of the 747, and it’s already gaining popularity among long-haul fliers.

It took Boeing almost two decades to complete the 747. The company had a monopoly over large passenger aircraft for decades. However, the rival Airbus beat the 747’s performance record.

While speed is often the first feature to attract the eye, it can be expensive, so other features must justify its value. Some operators may be willing to spend a premium on the fastest jets, but speed cannot be the only factor determining the right purchase. Instead, it should be part of the package.

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