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How To Gain Weight

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How to Gain Weight

When learning how to gain weight, you want to include more calories, protein, and fat in your diet. Generally, you should eat at least three meals a day. To get more calories, you should try to eat whole foods instead of processed junk foods. However, if you’re not a fan of whole foods, you can also add condiments, spices, and toppings to make your meals more filling and tasty. You also want to include energy-dense foods, which contain a large amount of calories per gram of weight.

Eat more calories

To gain weight, you need to consume more calories than you burn. However, increasing your caloric intake may not be easy, especially if you exercise heavily. In such cases, you need to estimate how many calories you will need in order to gain weight. Fortunately, eating more calories is not as difficult as it sounds.

The key is to eat enough calories to make yourself feel satisfied. You can do this by eating more whole foods. These foods are more filling than processed foods, which are stripped of fibre and water. Also, they contain fewer smaller particles.

Increase protein intake

When trying to increase your body weight, a key piece of advice is to increase your protein intake. You should aim to consume between twenty to thirty grams of protein at each meal. This will help you feel full for longer and keep muscle mass. High-protein foods include meat, fish, poultry, eggs, and beans. Vegetables and soy products also contain protein. As a general rule, women should aim to consume around 46-75 grams of protein per day, or about fifteen to twenty-five grams per meal.

It is important to remember that protein is important for muscle building and repair, so an increase in protein intake is essential to gain weight safely. A healthy increase in protein intake should not exceed a couple of pounds a month, and it should be a gradual process. In addition to eating more food, you can also take protein supplements or whey protein isolate supplements to supplement your diet.

Increase calorie intake after a workout

When attempting to gain weight, one of the best things to do after a workout is to increase your calorie intake. Muscle recovery requires fuel, which comes from carbohydrates and protein. The ratio of carbs to protein after a workout should be three to one. This is especially important if you workout often. However, eating carbohydrates on non-workout days may not be as crucial. Also, avoid fat, which slows digestion and absorption of nutrients. It was also found that people who drink whole milk after a workout were more successful at promoting muscle growth.

The best time to consume carbohydrates and protein after a workout is 30 to 45 minutes after the workout. This window allows enzymes to work efficiently and help your body repair itself. This will help replenish glycogen, which is the fuel stored in your muscles.

Avoid drinking large amounts of liquids before a meal

Many nutritionists recommend avoiding drinking large amounts of liquids before a big meal. Although water is the most popular beverage before meals, some people prefer to avoid drinking it because it can cause indigestion and bloating. However, liquids should be consumed along with solid food and should be drunk in moderation. Besides, drinking copious amounts of liquids before a big meal can suppress gastric secretion, which may affect digestion negatively.

It may seem counterintuitive to drink water before a meal, but water has several benefits. First of all, it will make you feel fuller before your big meal. This can help you avoid overeating. A small study published in the journal Clinical Nutrition Research showed that people who drank water before a big meal ate less, yet still felt satisfied.

Spread meals over 16 hours

The secret to gaining weight is to spread your meals over a period of 16 hours, not just eight. This will help you eat smaller amounts and prevent you from feeling full all the time. A typical meal plan would consist of five small meals of a thousand calories or less every two hours, and three larger meals of around two thousand calories. This plan isn’t suitable for skinny guys, though, as they don’t have the appetite or stomach size to consume this much food.

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