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Mole Removal Near Me

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Finding a Mole Removal Near Me

While moles are typically harmless, they can become skin cancer if not treated quickly. For this reason, a mole removal near me near you is essential. These procedures will remove the skin growth, leaving only the smallest scarring. To find the best mole removal near me, read on to learn more about the procedure, its risks, and the type of facility available. Once you’ve decided on the procedure, you’ll want to consider a few factors to help you choose a physician.

Moles are harmless but can turn into skin cancer

Most people have a few harmless moles on their skin. These are known as nevi, which are caused by melanocytes in the epidermis and dermis of the skin. Most people have ten or thirty of these moles, which are usually round or oval-shaped, smooth, and colorless. Some moles may change in size and shape over time, but most do not.

Incisions are strategically placed to leave the least amount of visible scarring

Incisions are made in strategic locations to minimize visible scarring after mole removal. Incisions are usually small, but larger scars can still be problematic, so the surgeon should discuss scar management options with patients. Some mole removal treatments can help reduce scarring by as much as 50%. These options may require weeks or months of effort, but they can make the scarring less visible.

Dr. Maurice Rapaport’s expertise in skin cancer treatment

The expert care provided by Dr. Rapaport at his Beverly Hills skin cancer practice will help you to treat this disease. Skin cancer is one of the most common types of cancer in the United States, affecting approximately one in five people at some point in their lives. Whether you suspect you have this disease or you’ve already been diagnosed, you’ll benefit from her extensive expertise. Not only will she diagnose your condition, but she will also recommend treatment to reduce your risks for serious health issues.

Cost of mole removal

Moles can be disfiguring and uncomfortable for some people. Even benign moles can become so irritated that they may be a medical concern. Having them removed can make you feel better about yourself and your appearance, and reduce the chance of pain and discomfort. Depending on the location of the mole, and its size and shape, the cost of mole removal will differ. Here are some tips to keep your mole-free skin and your self-confidence intact.

Finding a dermatologist for mole removal

If you have a suspicious mole, finding a dermatologist for mole removal near you may be a wise move. While moles are generally harmless, they may become worrisome if they’re larger than six millimeters, have an irregular border, or have a history of evolving. Additionally, moles can be unsightly and cause a person to feel self-conscious.

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