Saturday, August 20, 2022

My High School Bully

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My High School Bully Game Review

Dating sim games are nothing new. They’re designed to keep you entertained for a few minutes, but dating My High School Bully adds a twist. In this game, you’re allowed to date the school bully – and then develop feelings for her! Fortunately, the game’s plot is relatively predictable, so you’ll likely end up enjoying it more than you thought. Read on to learn how to make your date a success!

The game takes place at Matsubara High School in Japan. As you play, you’ll meet other students and form bonds with them. Bullies can be debilitating, so it’s vital that you stay social and make friends. In addition to being a great way to meet new friends, My High School Bully offers a unique and addictive experience. We’ve all been there: the bully at school. But it can be just as debilitating to your mental health.

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