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North Trail Tech Bike Computer Review

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In addition to a Vapor speedometer/tachometer and Bluetooth functionality, North Trail Tech has other features worth looking for, too. These include Buddy tracking, Bluetooth, and a Digital gauge. Keep reading to find out which features are most important to you. Then, purchase the bike that meets your needs. And remember to buy the right size to avoid damaging your bike. If you’re looking for a bike computer, read on.

Vapor speedometer / tachometer

You can find a variety of options for mounting the Vapor speedometer / tachoometer on your bike. These units feature temperature, speed and RPM sensors. These units are ideally suited for race training and have resettable trip distances. They are also waterproof and are customizable to your exact specifications, including tach sensitivity and trigger temperatures. You can view their catalog HERE.

The Vapor speedometer / tacho has an impressive list of features, but its size may be one of the reason it’s such a popular choice among off-road riders. Despite its compact size and large digital tachometer bar graph, it packs a punch. It features a large RPM graph, speed readout, and programmable LED lights. It can also display ambient air and engine temperatures. The Vapor’s odometer can also sense the engine temperature and ride time.

Bluetooth enabled

The North Trail Tech is a good example of a bike with Bluetooth capabilities. While this may not be necessary for all riders, it is handy for those who use their bikes for off-road use. Unlike many bike GPS devices, a North Trail Tech does not require constant updating. Bluetooth connectivity is a great alternative for navigation and exploring. There are some downsides, however. Here are a few things to keep in mind when you’re deciding between two bike GPS devices.

The Trail Tech Voyager Pro is a GPS device that can connect to two mobile devices, including a phone and a headset. This device can display calls and messages, and even show you your address book. You can also play music from your phone or micro SD card. The Trail Tech Voyager Pro features a microphone for calls, and it is equipped with a speaker for music. Bluetooth connectivity allows you to listen to music through your phone or a micro SD card without the need for wired headphones.

Buddy tracking

The latest generation of North Trail Tech Buddy tracking systems uses Bluetooth to connect with mobile phones and media devices. The four-inch color touchscreen features full vehicle integration. Speed and elevation are displayed from the GPS or wheel sensor. It also supports voltage and topo shading. Color maps, route tracking, waypoints, and trail systems provide a more detailed view of your ride. Buddy tracking is also compatible with a variety of vehicles, including mountain bikes, motorcycles, and scooters.

The Buddy tracking system uses the same radio frequency as a high-end handheld radio to build a mesh network for communication. If you and your buddy are separated by terrain, the system will continue to relay your buddy’s location until you can reach each other. The range was 4-5 miles in open terrain and better than line-of-sight in forest zones. Buddy tracking lets you see where your buddy is moving and can send help messages if needed.

Digital gauge

If you are looking for a high-tech company that designs digital gauges for off-road vehicles and motorcycles, you might want to check out Trail Tech. The company has recently purchased a 2.91-acre piece of land and plans to expand its facilities. When complete, the new building will be 40,000 square feet, which is enough space for dozens of employees. In addition to increasing its capabilities, the new location will allow Trail Tech to add more employees.

In addition to offering model-specific gauges, Trail Tech also offers universal gauge kits. The kits come with all necessary mounting hardware, as well as tachometer and wheel sensors. This makes the installation of a digital gauge easy and affordable. It’s important to note, however, that the gauges are not compatible with all vehicles. They also may not work with certain accessories. If you’re planning to install a new digital gauge in your vehicle, consider this guide to the process.

GPS mapping

Trail Tech Buddy Tracking is a patent-pending GPS that lets you find your bike by displaying its location on your smartphone. It has a big color screen with Bluetooth for media and phone connections. It supports route, waypoints, and tracks, and is fully integrated with your vehicle. Other features include color maps and topo shading, and it allows you to add tracks and routes to the device. It also displays visible GPS satellites and their strength.

Trail Tech Voyager Pro GPS units come with a base map that is based on Open Street Maps, and they cover most county, BLM, and Forest Service roads. These base maps are accurate in most areas, but they lack turn-by-turn navigation that big brand GPS units come with. However, they do come with an optional GPS map of the north. The odometer on Trail Tech Voyager Pro bikes is more accurate than its competitors’, and it’s easy to see where you are on the road.

Voyager Pro GPS is another off-road-specific unit. This GPS mounts below the handlebars, making it an integral part of your bike. As the first GPS product with a dedicated mounting system, Voyager has undergone rigorous testing to make sure it will withstand normal abuse. Besides, it is built to withstand the rigors of off-road vehicles. And with its rugged design, it has multiple features for motorcycle users.

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